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With the help of Artificial Intelligence, aiVision allows you to increase in speed, efficiency and better use of your expert time.

aiVision: Precursor in Diabetic Retinopathy screening in France

Listen to French health care professionals testimonials improving diabetic retinopathy screening using aiVision solution
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Our solution is designed to meet the technological needs of Healthcare professionals : operationally working and deployed in outpatient facilities and hospitals, for research or for daily use by ophthalmology professionals.

Healthcare professionals across the world have chosen aiVision as a long-term technology partner.



This year, I did more than 160 screenings with an average of 3 diabetic patients screenings per week . All of them were already part of my patients and have 2 new referring doctors sending their diabetic patients.

General Practioner

It has been more than 2 years since I have started remote diagnosis . In the past, I have used other solutions but the aiVision platform is the simplest and most complete.
I figured out how to use it in less than 10 minutes and I get ophthalmology reports almost immediately.

Dr. K, CHR

At the hospital, thanks to aiVision, the ophthalmology and endocrinology departments coordinate better and patients are more satisfied.

The orthoptist or the nurse takes the eye fundus images in my endocrinology department and the diagnosis is made by the hospital ophthalmologists who can then take over immediately in case of a pathology.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 886575

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