Better understanding and more effective treatment of retinal pathologies

Combining the best minds in medicine and technology to transform the way

blindness is understood and treated.

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To accelerate the fight against blindness, the entire ophthalmic industry must work together.


Our technologies connect health professionals, academics, hospitals, life science researchers around a common technology platform.


Together, we can learn from each patient's experience.

For Health Professionals

The Best Telemedicine Solution for Ophthalmologists and Orthoptists for Diabetic Retinopathy , Glaucoma and AMD Screening

For life sciences companies

By enabling access to our federated AI solution, aiVision is changing the way life sciences companies use real-world data to accelerate research and generate evidence.

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For hospitals
and Academics

AiVision's secure medical data infrastructure helps hospitals and academic research centers to make better use of their hospital data.
Researchers and clinicians now have access to quality research findings from within and outside the hospital.

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Galien Foundation Présentation, Dec. 2017

Let's combine the best academic and medical knowledge to better understand and eliminate blindness in the world

Arnaud Lambert, President

Do well by doing good.
Join the leading company in the fight against blindness.

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